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Why the Day After is Great!

After all the endlessly long, darker, and darker days as we creep towards the end of 2020, don’t you wish with all the effort you can muster that there must be—needs to be—something, anything, that can cheer you up and guarantee that there really is, without a doubt and no lie, light at the end of this tunnel of gloom?

Well, there is. And it just happens to be that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Sunshine! Yes, beautiful sunshine, coming our way—for all of us, no exceptions—guaranteed. How is that possible? Because it’s out of the control of humans.

The Earth is completely on its own, doing its own thing and affecting our lives whether or not we want it to (which is sort of nice, for a change). The Winter Solstice is here on the 21st and starting the day after, we will have gained around 12 seconds of light, increasing more every day to two minutes by New Year’s, then onward. Nothing we can do will stop it, and the only part of that whole cosmic phenomenon we can possibly control is how we react to it.

Now, how will you handle it that next day . . . and the day after, and the day after, and the days after those? So much to think about, so many plans to make, and so many earnest hopes for a much better year along with the light and longer days. Since we’ve all suffered through this year of trials to our patience and understanding, I think we’d better take a hint from this Earthly solar excursion and do our collective best to make 2021 a resuscitation of our spirits, however we individually perceive them.

So, whichever day the clouds next part to allow your enjoyment of extended sunshine on your face, let it soak into your skin, heart, and mind. Just completely submit to the Sun’s gift for a bit and think of nothing else but the warmth—and savor the little bit of momentary escape from any worries you may have.


(P.S. As for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere whose days will now get shorter, you can still embrace the phenomenon of change and take the same advice for looking forward to a better 2021 by cherishing the light you do have. And you can look forward to your winter solstice on June 21 when your days will turn longer, and we up north will, in turn, have to cherish the light that we still have. Aren’t we all glad we’re not in control of this process?)

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