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This website has two purposes. First, it is a way to share the ideas covered in my books, either by reading them or just reading the Blog and Forum posts and joining in the conversation about them. Exactly how that participation will develop, I don't know at this point, but commenting on the posts or making your own is a good way to start. As interest and ideas develop, changes will happen.


Second, as other related topics of social issues, culture, and science develop from the readership and my interests, this website provides a structure for them to be added for sharing, particularly in the Forum. All of which is to say, it provides a mechanism for us all to manipulate our control boundaries.


So, we'll just see what happens—a  control tactic I can live with. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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I was born on a farm in eastern Washington state, grew up immersed in a close relationship with that world of structured Nature, and had the time and freedom to think and wonder about what I observed about me during the expansionist times of American life after WWII.

I was a youthful sponge absorbing everything newly discovered, from ants underfoot to distant glaciated volcanic peaks to the attraction of the wiles of young girls with flashing eyes. All these discoveries were approached enthusiastically and sought out for further exploration and questioning.

Years of further life adventures including Peace Corps service, a Ph.D. in anthropology, and 27 years teaching public school in Alaska broadened that youthful experience. I also spent time as a farmworker, commercial fisherman, leathersmith artisan, swimming instructor, scuba diver, sailor, and generally anything that caught my interest.


This is the bedrock which has led to these books, seeking to tie all of life together in a simple, understandable idea.

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