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Alone Against the Sea

Stormy seas, placid waters, tropical islands, confusion, and learning to love--all contained within...

Alone Against the Sea is the story of a young man's struggles to survive a tragic accident aboard a sailboat he is ill-equipped to sail, but it is more than that. It is truly about him alone, struggling to confront a stubborn youthful history that has formed his personality--and left him unprepared to do what is necessary to survive.

Reading the book, then, is a journey you take with him, through the challenges of life at sea and the resulting changes that come about. His growth in maturity, understanding of loving relationships, and self-confidence are the focus of his journey. And with him, you get to intimately feel what it's like to sail on this adventure upon the natural wonders of the sea.

While focused on a teenager's coming of age (both male and female), it is relevant to readers beyond the teen years as well, since we are all continually coming of age into various stages of our lives. This is a common facet of human lives, which any reader can identify with throughout the book's events.

The careful reader will also note the story is a candid endorsement of the strength and intelligence of the female gender, at all ages.

Alone is available in both ebook and paperback formats.

EBOOK  $ 3.99


Click the Amazon button to also choose a "Look Inside" selection that shows sample parts of the two book formats. (The longest sample is in the ebook format.)

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